S-Chassis BOLT-ON Adjustable Knuckle

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S-Chassis BOLT-ON Adjustable Knuckle

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The 110 Knuckle is a completely new concept that allows for adjustment, strength, and ease of installation that has never really been seen with knuckles. It can be used with any standard or modified OE Nissan knuckle by securing to the LCA mount and anchoring to the lower brake caliper bolt for additional lateral stability. A fairly simple design which allows us to use extremely tough materials, manufactured in Australia which would otherwise be far too expensive to use with a complex shape.


While it is a more economical and easy to install design than many other solutions on the market, it's not what you'd expect from a “cheap and easy solution”. In fact using the standard knuckle allows us to utilise the OE quality which is rarely matched from most after-market solutions. We then reinforce it with even tougher materials and add the adjustment and geometry to it which is not seen in other solutions. We also allow customers to use different control arm solutions and knuckle solutions if they would like, for example we can make a knuckle that suits S14 LCA's but a 4-stud S13 OE Knuckle.

The 110 knuckle uses our proven design that we have used for modified OE knuckles for years, however now we have introduced the option of caster trail which provides additional return and feel off lock, as well as the ability to adjust between 3 different ackerman settings to suit your style - NOTE: the additional caster trail will move the wheel further back in the guard by roughly 10mm. 

We also allow the adjustment of between 45-60mm of Roll Center Correction. The design is capable of running over 65 degrees of lock depending on your setup. Our design does not introduce scrub radius like some other designs, in fact is slightly reduces it, allowing for lower offset wheels to be run with reduced effects of scrub.

Because of the design, we are able to use Tempered Structural Steel with even higher strength characteristics than typical Chromoly such as 4130 and 4140 which is already extremely strong. Also because we don't use the outer arm for strength, there is no issues with worrying about the strength of badly modified or bent knuckles.

Note:In some cases the standard lock stop may need to be trimmed to allow for clearance. The knuckles cannot be used in conjunction with caliper adapters which don't allow access to the standard caliper hole position.



  • Extremely Strong Construction
  • 3-way Ackerman Adjustment
  • 45-60mm Roll Center Correction Adjustment
  • Proven Knuckle Design for high lock and feel
  • Optional Increased Caster Trail for wheel return
  • Easy Installation
Product Code S-CWWKV587
Condition New

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