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As you know here at Moidfab we are very passionate about all forms of motorsport and performance vehicles, For the last few months we have been in discussions and working along side some of the suppliers for the biggest and best products available for all makes and models. 

After many months of research and development we will now be putting various products in to production under the Moidfab brand, These products will range from some of our engine conversion kits of which we make here in house to products on a much larger scale of which i will list below. 

Garage MoidFab Products -

Alloy Radiators
Intercooler Kits
Charge Pipe Kits 
Inlet Plenums


Engine Conversion Kits -

We will be producing custom kits for engine swaps not ment for the chassis they are intended to be used, The kits we will be developing and test will be.

  • Jz to E36
  • Jz to R32/33 Skyline 
  • Jz to S13/14 200sx 
  • Rb to S13/14 200sx 
  • Rb to E36 
  • 1uz to R32/33 Skyline 
  • 1uz to S13/14 200sx
  • 1uz to E36 

We currently have RB to E36 kits being made as a item you can purchase off the shelf, This current kit will be everything you need to complete a conversion. Not like the kits you see advertised where you get engine mounts and thats it. These will be a FULL kit including Moidified Subframe, Engine and Gearbox mounts, Exhaust manifold, Downpipe, Powersteering pipes, Water pipes and everything else you need to complete the conversion aswell as plug and play loom adaptor.

We are testing this kit at the moment as we already have one in our shop car and about to go in to our other shop car  which we will be fine tunning to make sure the product is ready for us to supply a true plug and play FULL RB Conversion kit. (These products will be available to purchase items seperatley if needed)

We then will be aiming to do the same for the various other popular conversions.



Custom Alloy Welding -

We are able to supply anything requested but here are just a few examples of what we have been able to produce.

  • Custom Oil Sump
  • Custom Engine & Gearbox Mounts
  • Custom Inlet Manifolds 
  • Custom Exhaust Manifolds
  • Custom Catch Tanks
  • Custom Header Tanks
  • Subframe Reinforcement
  • Crossmember Reinforcement
  • Steering Rack Relocation 

Exhaust Products -


Moidfab Exhaust products is somthing we are also moving forward with as at the moment we supply custom exhausts to our customers, But as we continue to add exhaust systems we have built to our catalouge they will then become items of which we can supply for self fitting without the need of any car for mock up as an off the shelf item. 

For any information or pricing on any the above or may it be some work your looking to have done that we have not listed then please dont hesitate to contact us as the website is still being updates daily, You can contact us on 

Email -

Tel - 07934854934

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