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Moidfab is a Custom Cage Retailer & Fitting Centre providing MSA and FIA Approve roll cages, This brings great pleasure to us as fitting a roll cage to your pride and joy could not be any easier. Now we have so much options available for the customer to choose from, We can start of with a very basic 6 Point Cage -

6 Point Cage includes: – Main Hoop, 2 bars back rear struts, rear diagonal, bottom main hoop brace, single door bars, front legs, top windscreen 

Then add to that to create the custom made cage you are looking to create regardless of which form of motorsport or track use you are intending it to be for.

(Contact for price, Dependant on make and model)

Options Custom cage for adding to 6 point

Door Bar Options            Price          
Cross Bar  £80
Euro Door Bar £120
NASCAR Door Bar £140
Door Card Bar £120


Other Bar Combinations                       Price                          
Front Triangulation to front turrets £200
Cross rear Diagonal     £60
Rear turret support     £60
Main hoop diagonal     £50
Cross Main Hoop    £100
Roof Diagonal    £50
Roof Cross    £100
Touring car bar   £100
Harness bars in rear cross £50
A Pillar Gussets   £50
B Pillar Gussets   £50
Front triangulation gussets £50
Extra Door Bar Gussets £25
TIG Welded £200


If you dont want to go as far as a fully custom built cage, We can supply and fit Official Custom Cages products that come in a huge variety from clubman to multipont aswell as bolt in and weld in applications. So for price on anything above then please contact as at - 

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